About Me

Hey there! I'm Annabelle and I run Read, Write and Read Some More. I'm a 18 year old student currently studying Animal Management. I live in the England and I love it, especially the rainy days. Outside of college I spend all my time reading, it's  practically my whole life. I wouldn't ever change it. I started this blog late 2010 but my commitments to my GCSE's made me put it all on hold. That is until the beginning of 2012 when I came back and I haven't looked back since. It has been one crazy year and I'm still shocked at how much the blog has grown over that time. It has given me so many opportunities that I hadn't even realised were there before I started blogging. It has been a life changer and hopefully it will continue to be.

I've always had an overactive imagination but I didn't read much when I was younger. I picked up a series of novels in my early teens and ever since I haven't put a book down. I love the written word and the community of fellow book lovers that comes with this passion. It was then I realised that I wanted to write novels and to become an author. I've managed to write two and a half novels so far and I'm hoping to write something in a different genre this year.

When I'm not reading books I am a major movie/TV geek. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sherlock and so many more. If I'm not reading I will be looking for more geeky stuff online. I love being a geek and I'm proud of it.

I mostly read YA at the moment but I will occasionally venture into Adult novels. I currently love Fantasy and Dystopian novels. My Favourite authors are Kelley Armstrong, Maria V. Snyder and Rachel Vincent.
If you wish to contact me about reviewing a book, can you please check out my review policy. Thank you!