Review Policy

Thank you for reading my review policy, my contact details will be featured at the end of this post.

Why do I Review books?

I love reading books, its quite simple really.  At times when a book really pulls me in, I want to share it with others. I created this blog to do just that. I find reviews have a big hold on whether readers purchase a book or not, therefore I think it's really important to share good books with others, so that the book gets the audience it deserves. I also post honest reviews, if I don't like a book I will say so but I will post it's strengths as well. I will try to post balanced reviews. Just because a book isn't for me, doesn't mean others won't like it.

Genres I accept:

I will accept, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Dystopian, Sci-Fi and the odd Mystery. I will also accept Historical Fiction. I will accept both Adult and Young Adult books in the genres mentioned above.

I will not accept Chick-lit, Non-Fiction, Religious Fiction, Poetry, short stories, or graphic novels.

I will accept anthologies if they fall into the genres I accept.

I will also except self-published books. I will accept books from all publishing houses that publish books in my preferred genres. I will also accept books from authors both published and self-published.

If you wish to send me a book in a series that I have not read yet. Please can you make sure I receive the other books in the series as well as the book you want reviewed. I prefer to read a series in the correct order and if you send me all the previous books I will post reviews of them as well.

What Format of books do I accept?

I currently only accept hardbacks or paperbacks, and physical copies. *I will now also except epubs and PDFs.*

I accept both Review copies, ARC's and finished copies.

When I accept a novel to be reviewed:

If I accept to review a novel, I will read and review it within a month of its arrival. I will also make sure I link to my review again near the release date if it has not been published yet. Novels I request personally will have priority over those I receive. If I haven't reviewed the book within the month I will review it before it's release date. If you want the book reviewed by a certain date, please tell me when you contact me. I will then give it priority over other titles. If my reviews are delayed for any reason I will email you to make sure you are aware.

Please be aware that I'm a UK book blogger who lives in England. If you're sending me a book from overseas please be aware that it will take longer to arrive and the wait for the review may be longer.

Also be aware that my reviews will be honest so there is a possibility there could be a negative review. I will try and explain the strong points of the novel so the review is balanced and not biased.

Once the book has been read and reviewed I will email you the links to where I post the reviews. 

Where I post my reviews:

I will post my reviews here on the blog and on goodreads. If you want the review posted on another website please tell me when you contact me. I can also post reviews on Amazon UK, Waterstones and WHSmiths when requested. I will also post the links on Twitter.

Interviews, Giveaways and Blog Tours:

I am happy to participate in interviews, Giveaways and Blog tours but please can you contact me in advance so I can make sure I have time to prepare. I will also need the details and dates for all so please make sure they are included. I will host giveaways for you, please tell me what I am giving away, the number of copies and whether you want it to be international or UK only. If you wish for me to review a book before I give it away please can you send a copy in advance.

Contact Me:

Thank you again for taking time to read my review policy. If you wish to contact me please can you email me at: 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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